ThinkRace is building a smart gps watch to protect the people with early-stage Alzheimer. When the patient go out, they may lost their way, it will make the family worry about that. If they can wear a gps smart watch, the family can locate them and get them back home.

ThinkRace Launch a new water proof pet tracker. This pet tracker is small enough that can use for dog and cat. It is waterproof so that you don't need to worry about that when the dog jump to the pool. The design is easy to wear by the dog and cat. It charge by the magnetic charger.

Luggage locator PT33 is the best GPS tracking device for luggage that automatically monitors your luggage in real time, at any airport in the world, and then you can enjoy your trip.

ThinkRace can help the client to make their own customised gps watch, we can provide PCBA design, firmware development, mobile app development. The gps watch has the following features: real time tracking, location history, SOS panic button, safety zone, family numbers...