a party to welcome our new colleagues in a coffee shop

This meeting is for all staff in ThinkRace, it's about welcome new staff, about the future of ThinkRace, about our new mini personal GPS tracker, GPS pets tracker and vehicle tracker, about GPS software.

Everything you need to know about Thinkrace's new Child Safety Product - GPS Kids Watch

M2 Fitness Tracker Band introduced by Thinkrace is one of the best fitness tracking device ever. How? Lets Know.

If you are afraid about your car getting theft or need to keep a track on your fleet, getting a VT33 Car Tracker is the best deal for you. Let's know how.

Imagine tracking the live location of your kids just by sitting at home via your laptop or mobile. Sounds good! Right? Let's Know more about this GPS Tracking Student ID card.

An info-graphic explaining about the best tracking devices you can have for daily use. These Devices can be used for your personal safety as well as asset tracking.

Everything you need to know about Thinkrace Technology's OBD2 GPS Tracker for Cars, including its features and a video explaining its details.

An infographic explaining about Thinkrace new Safety Watch for Pilgrims which can be useful for their safety in Hajj 2017. Check the Infographic to know more.

HKTDC announced HongKong Electronic Fair to let the exhibitors showcase their services and products. Thinkrace is one of the exhibitors.